Healthy Foods

Skipping meals- to reduce your calorie intake throughout the day. This often leads to you becoming so hungry later that you binge out and ened up eating more.

Excluding Carbs from your diet- Carbs are a main source of energy for your body so excluding them from your diet can lead to you having low energy especially if you are increasing exercises to lose weight. Carbs are also good foods to help keep you feeling full for longer. Choose slow releasing carbs and just make sure you don’t over do it on the portion sizes.
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Reducing your calorie intake by too much- Make sure you are eating enough calories for your size, check out how much is the right amount on the calculator at the bottom of the right hand margin. If you reduce your calorie intake by too much you will actually make it harder for your body to loose weight. Your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to that fat.


Compare your daily diet to the Eatwell plate below & see how healthy your eating really is-

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