Being a mobile outdoor all weather Personal Trainer in Hackney over the last year, I have been amazed that I haven’t been caught in the rain more often.

Personal Training in Shoreditch

Edel Trains on the TRX though Rain, Wind, Lightening and Thunder!

After all this is England, right? Its well known for it rain and bad weather. However until today I could literally count on my hands the amount of times I had got soaked in a down pour.

Then this morning in Victoria Park whilst out training with a client we where treated to thunder! lightening! (hold on while I break into song, its like thunder, lightening the way you train me is frightening ;) gale force winds and a diagonal down pour of rain!Wow and I didn’t charge her any extra for this invigorating experience…

So just wanted to say, Well done Edel you have true grit and showing real dedication to your health and fitness. You can be proud!

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