The Hackney Morning Coffee Running Group

A Social Beginners Running Group in Hackney

Hackney running group

The Morning Coffee Run group starts this Monday 20th Feb, meeting 9.30am outside Lauriston Primary School, Rutland Road, London, E9 7JS, finishing 10.30am at a local coffee shop!

The Morning Coffee Running group is a beginners six week running programme getting you from 0 to 5k, meeting twice a week on Mon & Wed mornings, finishing with a free timed 5k run on Hackney Marshes on Sat 31st March 9am.

Cost £60 up front for the full 6 week programme or £7 per session on a pay as you go basis.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

For more details email Carole at or call 07595733150


Personal Trainer for Running in HackneyFree Weekly timed 5k Parkruns

Map your progress for Free with weekly 5k Parkruns

As a Personal Trainer in Hackney I often get clients to sign up for Parkrun UK.

Parkrun Uk Organise Weekly Free 5km Timed Runs Across London and the Uk – once registered you can turn up to any Parkrun and take part, remember to bring your Barcode for Scanning. The Parkrun website then stores your times for all the runs you complete,  its a great way to track your progress and chase that PB time whether your a beginner or an advanced runner.

There are also lots of incentives along the way to encourage to keeping on running. prize draws, discounts off retailers e.t.c.

Most Parkruns finish with runners heading to a local cafe so its also a great chance to get to meet like minded people and maybe even find a training buddy.

Personal Training for running HackneySee below for your nearest Park run

Park Run Hackney Marshes

Park Run Highbury Fields

Park Run Wansted Flats

Or to find other Parkruns across London and the UK go to Parkrun




Personal Training in East LondonEvery Year the Stroke Association organises a programme of fundraising events and races to help continue their amazing work whilst raising awareness of Stroke.

The events take place across the country with a variety of running distances 5k, 10k or the more unusual 15k.

Last year I took part with Gary in the popular 5k,10k or 15k race (we opted for the 10k) in Hyde Park. The atmosphere was great with a mix of running abilities due to the different distances.

Running Coach HackneyAnd we certainly did raise awareness of Stroke as we all ran though the park a sea of blue as we all where wearing our Stroke Association T-shirts which you are given as part of your registration fee.

If you have ever been affected by a stroke or know someone who has, you will know just how important it is to act quickly! So people really do need to be aware of the signs and what to do.

Also the quality and speed of access to rehabilitation services is vital for people’s quality of recovery.

For more information check out the Stroke associations website 


Being a mobile outdoor all weather Personal Trainer in Hackney over the last year, I have been amazed that I haven’t been caught in the rain more often.

Personal Training in Shoreditch

Edel Trains on the TRX though Rain, Wind, Lightening and Thunder!

After all this is England, right? Its well known for it rain and bad weather. However until today I could literally count on my hands the amount of times I had got soaked in a down pour.

Then this morning in Victoria Park whilst out training with a client we where treated to thunder! lightening! (hold on while I break into song, its like thunder, lightening the way you train me is frightening ;) gale force winds and a diagonal down pour of rain!Wow and I didn’t charge her any extra for this invigorating experience…

So just wanted to say, Well done Edel you have true grit and showing real dedication to your health and fitness. You can be proud!

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I am going to be setting up a beginners running group for people wanting to improve their health and fitness.

Personal Training for Runners

Morning Coffee Run in Hackney

Its a 6 week running course with 3 runs per week building up from running 30 secs and ending with the group completing an organised timed 5k Park Run on Hackney Marshes.

My initial thinking is to meet Mon – Wed – Fri Morning between 9ish-10ish for 45-60 mins depending on what the feedback from people is for the best start time & day e.t.c.

The idea is for it to be social as well as exercise. So I have called it ‘The Morning Coffee Run.’ Each run will finish at a local coffee shop so people can sit down and have a chin wag before heading home.

Push chairs and buggies would be welcome on the runs.

If you would like to find out more or join up then please email Carole at or call on 07595 733150

Running Holiday in Norfolk UKAnnie and Geraldine are two Norfolk lasses that love to run, and have a great place to do it along the Norkway. They have established the Norfolk Runaways to offer others the chance to enjoy the idyllic surroundings whilst improving your running technique and increasing your speed under the supervision of the Double Olympic Marathon Winner Paul Evans and other expert coaches.

Its an exclusive running weekend 27th Jan- 29th Jan in one of the most beautiful areas of North Norfolk,  aimed at anybody who is capable of running 3 miles or more.

To find out more visit-

As its their first running weekend they are offering a introductory price of £175pp. This price includes accommodation, all meals and training sessions. A massage therapist will be available (at an extra cost).

It sounds like a great opportunity to get going on that training plan whilst having a weekend break in an area of beauty… I might even book up myself!

Female Personal Trainer East LondonFor the second year running Carole, Steve, Killian, Marie and Claire took part in the Santa 6k around Battersea Park with the Apple Puff Personal Training Team. And this year we had a few more friends join us, Matt and the South London Bootcamp Ladies came out in full force! Joanne, Paula, Jann, Clare and Sarah.

Hackney Female Persoanl Trainer The gang met bright and early for a Saturday morning, 9.15am to queue for Santa Suits, everyone was in great festive mood and looking forward to completing the course, many had never taken part in an organised run before, or run as far as 6K.

Personal Training in Hackney East London With 11 of us taking part this year we had a good mix of runners, joggers and walkers, finishing times ranged from 29mins to 59 minutes amongst the Apple Puff Team around the 6k course.

Hackney Personal TrainerThe team celebrated with a few beverages in the Prince Albert Pub, and all said they would be back next year, with supporters signing up to run it next time too! That might have been the beer talking though…. Either way the Apple Puff will be back next year spreading Christmas Cheer and Supporting Disability Snow sport

Personal Trainer in Hackney

I can now proudly announce that I am a qualified Boxercise instructor! Much to the annoyance of my boyfriend who now has to duck my shadow boxing  efforts, I’m still hyped and eager to go from the course.

Boxercise is a great way to train for aerobic fitness, strength and relieve stress and tension.

Boxercise is a Boxing style workout without the having to experience any  nasty blows to the head and body.

Boxercise sessions use all the muscle groups, rather than targeting one specific group and so you receive a great all-over body conditioning workout. Personal Trainer in East London
Boxercise sessions will help you improve:
Cardiovascular health
Muscular strength
Muscular endurance
Muscular tone
Core stability and balance
Speed and agility
Body Fat composition


Boxercise sessions are high energy fun and can be done on as a-

1:1 session £40 per hour
1:2 session, pair up with a buddy to split the cost £50 per hour
or Small Group session, get work colleagues together or a group of friends, £10 per person, minimum of 5 people

Or get a block booking discount if you sign up for 5+ sessions in advance.

To book your session or discuss further contact me below or email