Personal Trainer in Hackney

I can now proudly announce that I am a qualified Boxercise instructor! Much to the annoyance of my boyfriend who now has to duck my shadow boxing  efforts, I’m still hyped and eager to go from the course.

Boxercise is a great way to train for aerobic fitness, strength and relieve stress and tension.

Boxercise is a Boxing style workout without the having to experience any  nasty blows to the head and body.

Boxercise sessions use all the muscle groups, rather than targeting one specific group and so you receive a great all-over body conditioning workout. Personal Trainer in East London
Boxercise sessions will help you improve:
Cardiovascular health
Muscular strength
Muscular endurance
Muscular tone
Core stability and balance
Speed and agility
Body Fat composition


Boxercise sessions are high energy fun and can be done on as a-

1:1 session £40 per hour
1:2 session, pair up with a buddy to split the cost £50 per hour
or Small Group session, get work colleagues together or a group of friends, £10 per person, minimum of 5 people

Or get a block booking discount if you sign up for 5+ sessions in advance.

To book your session or discuss further contact me below or email

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