Personal Trainer for Running in HackneyFree Weekly timed 5k Parkruns

Map your progress for Free with weekly 5k Parkruns

As a Personal Trainer in Hackney I often get clients to sign up for Parkrun UK.

Parkrun Uk Organise Weekly Free 5km Timed Runs Across London and the Uk – once registered you can turn up to any Parkrun and take part, remember to bring your Barcode for Scanning. The Parkrun website then stores your times for all the runs you complete,  its a great way to track your progress and chase that PB time whether your a beginner or an advanced runner.

There are also lots of incentives along the way to encourage to keeping on running. prize draws, discounts off retailers e.t.c.

Most Parkruns finish with runners heading to a local cafe so its also a great chance to get to meet like minded people and maybe even find a training buddy.

Personal Training for running HackneySee below for your nearest Park run

Park Run Hackney Marshes

Park Run Highbury Fields

Park Run Wansted Flats

Or to find other Parkruns across London and the UK go to Parkrun




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