Tomorrow is the late great Freddie Mercury’s birthday had he still been alive he would be 65 years old.

We all know that music is a great motivator for exercise, how many times have you been on a night when you think your ready for home then suddenly the DJ or duke box plays your song and your back to life taking over the dance floor.

So in true Freddie style crank up you favourite tunes on the stereo and make your cleaning into an exercise routine


Activity  Calories burnt in 1 hour*
Hoovering 193.7
Dusting 173.6
Gardening, Weeding 287.8
Mopping Floors 193.7
Car Washing 234
Cleaning Windows 180.3
Ironing 113.1
Walking up & down stairs 516.3
* Values are based on a 37yr old female, 5ft 5, weighing 12 stone.Those who weigh more than this will burn more calories; those who weigh less will burn fewer calories

If you want to go the full hog and get the Freddie look as a tribute download your Freddie tash here

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