I get asked a lot whether it is asfe to exercise whilst pregnant. The answer is yes it is safe to continue with your exercise regime whilst you are pregant. There are few guidelines to follow if you want to keep fit whilst pregnant.
The amount of activity you do during prenancy should be in line with your recent levels of exercise. So if you have been active and carrying out regular phyiscal activities then its likely that you can continue with you exercise regime with no significant changes, if there have been no health related complications identified by your GP, midwife. If you have been sedentary prior to prengnancy then your better waiting until the 2nd trimester to embark on a moderate exercise programme of exercise.
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Trimester 1: 1-13 weeks
Medium impact areobic exercise is fine during this stage, together with  endurance based resistance exercise and stretching, Yoga and Pilates are good  for keeping subtle and increasing core strength. Also remember to inform your  teacher that you are pregnant so they can ensure that they adapt any exercises  as necessary.
You may find running uncomfortable due to the impact and bouncing motions,  if you find this to be the case opt for a brisk walk and try to include some up hill  stints or stairs.
Swimming is another good option when you want to reduce impact, if  your not a confident swimmer try buying an aqua belt and do some pool  running.
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Trimester 2: 14-27 weeks
With regards to energy levels, morning sickness subsiding and emotions being more balanced this is often the best trimester for women to exercise.
Care and consideration should be taken into account when stretching and exercising that involve lying down on your back, holding stactic postions e.g. plank, or raising weight over your head as these can all lead to heightening blood pressure which can alreadly be slightly higher then normal due to the pregnancy.
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Trimester 3: 28-40 weeks
Excessive stretching should be avoided att hsi stage so Yoga and Pilates are off the list of activities.
Energy levels at this stage can reduce your motivation to exercise.
Again, swimming is a good option at this stage as its low impact, areobic and the water provides  support and resistance.
Blood pressure should be  monitored at this stage and exercise should be kept low impact and light  to moderate so as not to elavated the blood pressure further.
This stage should be maintaining fitness not trying to increase fitness and lying down exercses, static  exercises and lifting weights above the head should now be avoided completely.

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