Personal Training in East LondonEvery Year the Stroke Association organises a programme of fundraising events and races to help continue their amazing work whilst raising awareness of Stroke.

The events take place across the country with a variety of running distances 5k, 10k or the more unusual 15k.

Last year I took part with Gary in the popular 5k,10k or 15k race (we opted for the 10k) in Hyde Park. The atmosphere was great with a mix of running abilities due to the different distances.

Running Coach HackneyAnd we certainly did raise awareness of Stroke as we all ran though the park a sea of blue as we all where wearing our Stroke Association T-shirts which you are given as part of your registration fee.

If you have ever been affected by a stroke or know someone who has, you will know just how important it is to act quickly! So people really do need to be aware of the signs and what to do.

Also the quality and speed of access to rehabilitation services is vital for people’s quality of recovery.

For more information check out the Stroke associations website 


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