Here is another novelity way to get fit, hire the pedal bus to go site seeing around London or go an a pub crawl. Okay so whilst out have a light refreshment with a friend in The Mulberry Bush pub when we where bemused to have a gang of lads pull up in front of us on a pedal bus, they all jumped out ordered a pint hung around for a few sips then jumped back on to pedal to the next pub. Being intrgued I took the picture below and then visited the website to find out more.

Trainer Hackney

“With a seating configuration similar to that of a dinner table, The Pedibus is the most fun and sociable way to cycle, chat and hang out with friends or people you have just met”

Your sure to burn some calories and gain some attention as you and your friends pedal to keep the bus moving. What do you reckon, would you hire it out for a night out or to do some sightseeing?

No, its a gimic!

Yes, looks like great fun!

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