Personal Training for Events and Marathon’s

Train with a Personal Trainer to succeed

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Run a marathon?
  • Climb a mountain?
  • Take part in a Triathlon?
  • Complete the 3 peaks Challenge?
  • Run a 5k or 10k race?
  • Train for a charity fundraising event?
  • Train for the holiday of a lifetime, trekking and hiking?

But weren’t sure you could do it?

Let me help you!

As a eager experienced challenge fiend myself, my speciality is working with people to achieve their goals, no matter how distant they might seem to begin with.

We’ll sit down and discuss what you’re striving for, and work out a step-by-step plan to get you there, and beyond!

Your plan won’t just cover the training, although that’s an essential part. We’ll also talk about how to make small but significant changes in your lifestyle that will make a huge difference towards the achievement of your goals.

To discuss your personal goals, and to arrange a time to design your plan, drop me a line today.


Stumpy ? - 10 Jan 2012

“Carol trained me in 8 months from scratch to running the Paris marathon (Apr ’11) in just over 4 hrs. This was done with only 1 session a week! She helped me set achievable weekly goals in a training schedule, then monitored them in our sessions against that & any other runs I did. I was so happy with the outcome that we’ve carried on weekly ever since. I find, at 43, that I’m playing football against guys over half my age & being fitter than them. If you want to find some-one that will make a session fun, enjoyable & actually still motivate you to get up on the cold snowy morning then call Carol…. be the best call you make”


Personal Trainer Hackney

Carole, Steve and Killian after completing Survival of the fittest 2011

Personal Training for Trekking Holidays

Dan gets to 5200m Trekking in Nepal after 2 months personal training

Running Coaching Hackney

Sarah with her medal after her first 6k Run


Carole & Sue, mother of 3 completes her 1st 10k after 6 weeks training





Personal Training Hackney

Carole, Ali and Mona after completing the Great North Run





Training for a 10k Hackney

Gary Takes Part in the Stroke 10k Hyde Park to get a Personal Best