Hackney Trainer

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the Olympic Park through Open House weekend.

The meeting spot was Leyton Orient’s Community Centre ‘The Score’, where the organisation was fantastic. An exhibition was put on to explore before your group tour. Showing how the development has come ino being over the last five years.

At our allotted tour time we where brought  into the theatre to watch a short film documenting the planning and construction from the initial bid win to present day and beyond 2012. We where then ushered onto the coach, driven by Richard and Guided by Blue Badge Tour Guide Jackie.

Jackie had a wealth of knowledge to share regarding the park its regeneration of the area, the beautiful landscape gardening and clean up of the River Lea / Canal (we spotted a Heron along the newly cleaned up canal indicating that the wildlife are already taking route), the sustainable resources used in the build and the legacy of the Olympic Park following on from 2012. Apparently the detailed thought and extensive vision of how the park facilities would be used following the Games was one of the winning attributes to the London bid, and I have to say I would agree with the judges on that, if all goes to plan.

Our big treat and surprise of the day was that the coach would be stopping at the stadium allowing us to disembark and walk into the stadium. What a delight to actually be able to stand on the Olympic athletic track!

The Stadium is very impressive and I was in awe of my surroundings.

Olympic Stadium 2012

My moment- My feet on the 2012 Athletics Track

I came away with a real sense of pride at being an Olympic Host, a Londoner and especially a resident of one of the main host boroughs Hackney. The excitement of having all this on our doorstep and then having access to the biggest urban park in Europe once the games have finished. I can already see the potential in the Park as a new outdoor training venue, using the river Lea, the Canal walkways and new bridges for canoeing, cycling, running, walking and lots lots more . . .

I for one can’t wait for 2012 and beyond. . . Bring it on!

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