The National Lottery Olympic 5 Mile Race

The first to cross the Olympic finish line. . .

Keir outside the Olympic Stadium with his medal

…. well one of the first few hundred, 1335th to be precise.

Having entered the Ballot myself hoping to get a place I was disappointed to be told I had been unsuccessful. I was lucky enough to be invited along to watch my client Keir Wingrove be one of the first to cross the Olympic finish line yesterday. Finishing the race in a respectable time of 00:38:53. Well Done Keir!!!

I have visited the stadium once before and actually got my feet on the track but I was still jealous, it would have been amazing to have been able to come into the stadium as everyone starts to cheer, feeling your speed pick up with the atmosphere and super fast springy track, that people are predicting will see the smashing of records left right and centre.

It was a great day out with participants clearly being over the moon at having the chance to be part of something very special as many approached the finish line rather then sprint for glory they dropped to their knees to kiss the floor, stopped turned to the crowd to pose for a family member’s camera, or some of the more adventurous cartwheeling to the crowds delight.

The stadium can’t have been even a 5th of its crowd capacity so its hard to imagine just have loud and amazing the atmosphere will be those big events during 2012, but I for one can’t wait…




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