Tower Running London

Ready for a breakfast challenge?

Fed up of the usual around the park runs, why not try a tower run!

Tower running is a sport involving running up the internal  stairs of  tall man-made structure, in this case the Hilton Park Lane, London, so not only does it give you a chance to challenge yourself but it also allows you to have a nosey in the Hilton.

This year’s Mayfair Park & Tower Race will take place at 8.30 am on Friday 18th May 2012.
Come and join us as we race around the Serpentine in Hyde Park, pass through the subway under Park Lane, and then charge into the Hilton on Park Lane and power our way up the 28 flights of stairs to the respite of Galvin’s at Windows and the welcome sight of a Pommery reception!

Tower Racing London

Tower Race London

For more information go to

London Tower Race



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