The Walking Map of London Underground

Female Personal Trainer London

Even though I have lived and worked in London all my life across west, east, north and south, it still surprises me how close certain places are to each other!

This is largely due to my heavy reliance on the underground system and its map of London to get me from one place to another. Although the map is considered a genius design depicting how each line intersects with another, it is not to scale and doesn’t give a proper indication of the layout of London.

Since I became a keen walker and cyclist I’ve discovered the tube is not always the best, most pleasant or quickest way to get to where you are going, especially on the weekends when more often then not in the run up to the Olympic’s there are numerous line and station closures.

So I thought I’d share this rather handy Walking Tube map. It shows you the time it would take to walk from stations giving you the option to take in a brisk walk as part of your daily commute, helping you get fit for free and become healthier whilst relieving the stress of commuting on a packed out tube. It also give you another option when there are delays or closures on a line.

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