Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

In winter we should be making sure we have a hearty warm breakfast before heading out the door.
So what should we be eating for Breakfast?

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Eggs are a great and versatile choice, providing vitamins A,D,E and protein. If scrambling or making an omelette try adding vegetables in especially spinach. Or dip some asparagus into a soft boiled or poached egg.



Personal Trainer East LondonWhole Grain bread with non sweetened peanut butter will provide you with grains and protein for slow release energy that should last you through till lunchtime. Slice a banana on top to add in one of your five a day.


Female Personal Trainer Hackney East LondonIf you have seasonal veg left overs from the previous night’s dinner bubble and squeak is a great option. Mash up sweet potato onions carrots cabbage etc. and make into a hash and pop under the grill.

If you want something lighter in the morning opt for some muselli or granola topped with Greek or natural yoghurt which will provide you with Vitamin B and calcium.

My favourite winter warmer breakfast though has to be good old porridge, add in dried fruit or fresh berries and sprinkle with some fat burning cinnamon.

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