Personal trainer LondonHi, and welcome to The Hackney Trainer Blog. My name is Carole O’Leary, and I’m a fully qualified personal trainer living and helping clients just like you in Hackney, Islington and North East London areas.

My clients have a varied lifestyle and are all ages and sexes. But they do tend to have one thing in common: they hate the gym!
Luckily for them – and you – so do I. :) That’s why 100% of my training is held outside of those sweaty, competitive, testosterone-fueled cages.

My favourite place to train is in local parks, but I’m also delighted to work with clients in their home. As a proud Hackney and life long London resident I love finding and using the great green spaces it has to offer or using the urban furniture to create varied and challenging workouts . To get in contact regarding personal training click here

I also like to keep up with the local gossip, finding out what’s going on locally and sharing it here on the blogg, especially any  local sporting and fun active events. So feel free to pop by or press the facebook like button in the right hand margin to get updates.

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